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Ry'lah Ursahn

  • Age: 20

  • Race: Twi’lek

  • Home planet: Ryloth

  • About: Born and raised on Ryloth, Ry’lah and her family fell into hard times following the death of her father. Forced into slavery to pay off her father’s debts, Ry’lah and her mother worked for years as servants for the slaver Jomdaro in the city of Kala-Din. After her mother was then murdered protecting her, Ry’lah attacked Jomdaro where he disfigured her Lekku and sent her to the fighting pits. She toured the galaxy as a fighter, honing her skills, and eventually rising out of the pits to become Jomdaro’s personal assassin. It was on one of her missions she met Master Dramadus, abandoned Jomdaro, and began training as a Gray Jedi.

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