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Behind the Scenes

Decided to finally spend some time and build a website for this little show of ours that will turn 6 this year. 6... the same age as my son is now - who had just turned 1 almost exactly a month before we started recording back in October of 2016.

I've been trying to keep up with the show. Editing when I can. Building maps and videos when I can. It's hard work, and even more tiring with two young kids (daughter was born in 2018 for those that might have remembered that), and it's been even harder still post-pandemic.

Going back to the videos I make for the table now.... did ya'll see we got a new table to record at? We commissioned it back in 2019. It was near completion in March of 2020, and then the entire world went into lockdown and we didn't record again in person for another 15 months. Our new table was delivered in June of 2021 and it has been an absolute game changer.

If these photos look familiar, you might already be a Patreon supporter - but just in case here they are again. The large TV has allowed us to go from drawing maps, to creating 3D maps in Blender, as well as some fun intro and transition videos. (Don't want to keep bringing up Patreon, but they get to see all that stuff first either via Patreon or the Patreon channel on our Discord.)

All this to say, thank you all for sticking with the show as it's production has increasingly slowed down. I'm working on improving everything about the show. I appreciate you all, and I hope you continue listening.


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