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Episode 1

  • Release Date: November 4th, 2016

  • Length: 51:04

  • Opening Crawl:

    The Sith are gone, extinct. Led and wiped out by one of their own during the war of Ruuson in a mass suicidal attempt to take the Jedi with them. The only Sith survivor, Darth Bane, has since disappeared, leaving no trail as to his whereabouts.

    Meanwhile, the Jedi Order has begun work on the Ruuson Restorations, and attempt to rebuild the Galactic Republic after their war with the Sith Empire. During this time, while the Jedi are busy bringing peace to the broken galaxy, the criminal underworld is booming, making profit every way they can while the Jedi are occupied elsewhere.

    Vurboc the Hutt, a low level Crime Lord on Nal Hutta, begins his campaign to amass power through collecting rare artifacts and wealth. Using his connections in the criminal underworld, he begins to build his team…


  • Characters

    • Willi-Ro Ma

    • Kail Deebag

    • Sawbone

    • Chuh’brub

    • Markenobi

    • PN-15

    • Dru Theaf

    • Camden Toydarian

    • Starla

  • Death Count: 0

  • Synopsis: 5 strangers meet in a cantina on Nal Hutta looking for work. Willi-Ro Ma and Kail Deebag traveled together from Coruscant following a lead that a Hutt was looking to put together a team to do a few odd jobs. Above the planet moon, Sawbone sneaks aboard a ship to claim a bounty on its captain, and finds a bloody Ewok standing above the now deceased mark. Sawbone and Chuh’brub take the targets ship down to Nal Hutta, then find their way to a cantina to turn in the bounty. Meanwhile, a lone Jedi-in-training-but-not-a-padawan-or-Knight makes his way to the same cantina, his motives unknown. The 5 are brought together by a droid named PN-15 who works for Vurboc the Hutt, and then gives them the details of the try-out job Vurboc has put together for them. They must travel to Nar Shaddaa and steal a weapons cache from a casino of one of Vurboc’s rivals - Oldregg. The droid also mentions there is a black market vendor down the street in case they need to stock up before heading off planet. The group visit the store, then board Kail Deebag’s ship, The Sweet Mimso, to travel to Nar Shaddaa.

  • Maps: None

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