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Episode 3

  • Release Date: November 18th, 2016

  • Length: 55:48

  • Opening Crawl:
    The ragtag group of heroes made their way to Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to rob Oldregg the Hutt and his gang of weapons during an event being held at his casino - The Sarlacc Money Pit. Attempting to blend in, the group played some Pazaak, gambled at the slots, and met a bartender named Antz, ready to turn on her employer. But as fate would have it, the crew finds trouble almost immediately...

  • Characters-

    • Willi-Ro Ma

    • Kail Deebag

    • Sawbone

    • Chuh’brub

    • Markenobi

    • Oldregg the Hutt

  • Death Count: 

    • 6 guards

  • Synopsis: The crew find themselves standing in the casino’s security office with Oldregg the Hutt and a handful of his security team. After Marky reveals himself to be a Jedi, Oldregg orders his security team to execute Mark, Kail, and Chuh’brub. The fight goes terribly wrong after Chuh’brub releases a smoke grenade, leading to everyone shooting blindly. Markenobi gets knocked out in the skirmish, but gets back up right before Chubs puts an end to the fight, and Oldregg eventually surrenders. They work out a deal, allowing Oldregg to escape with his life in exchange for the weapons in the vault. The crew grab the weapons and make towards there escape, but are stopped when Kail Deebag’s ship, the Sweet Mimso, blows up.

  • Maps:

The Sarlacc Money Pit - Second Floor


The Sarlacc Money Pit - Second Floor

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