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Episode 2

  • Release Date: November 11th, 2016

  • Length: 59:46

  • Opening Crawl:

    5 strangers brought together from all over the galaxy, set out on a mission given to them by the mysterious Vurboc the Hutt. Markenobi, once an actor from Coruscant before being kidnapped by the Sith, is now training to become a Jedi after they rescued him from Korriban. He’s joined the team to search for Sith artifacts on behalf of the Jedi. Sawbone and Chuh’brub, a bounty hunter and an Ewok, joined the team hoping to embark on an adventure, with their eyes set on money and fame. Willi-Ro Ma and Kail Deebag, two runaways from prominent families on Coruscant - one turning to smuggling, the other at a chance at a new life away from his family’s tight control.These 5 make their way to Nar Shaddaa to rob a casino - or die trying…

  • Characters-

    • Willi-Ro Ma

    • Kail Deebag

    • Sawbone

    • Chuh’brub

    • Markenobi

    • Antz 

    • PN-15

    • Oldregg the Hutt

  • Death Count: 0

  • Synopsis: The team head to Nar Shaddaa where they attempt to blend into the party raging at the casino, The Sarlacc Money Pit. The crew meet a bartender named Antz, who recognizes Markenobi as a Jedi when he attempts to use a Jedi Mind Trick to get her security badge to get into the vaults below the casino. She slips him her ID badge, and Kail,  Marky, and Chubs attempt to sneak into the Security Control Room.

  • Maps:

    The Sarlacc Money Pit - Ground Floor



The Sarlacc Money Pit - Second Floor

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